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Hi there,

I’m Joe

– a Product Designer on a mission to bridge the gap between technology and humans!

With a mind wired for all things technology, I’m not just passionate about solving problems; I’m downright obsessed with how innovative products can shape users’ lives.

From the latest gadgets to cutting-edge software, I’m like a kid in a candy store, exploring the endless possibilities that technology offers. I eat, sleep, and breathe design – my dreams are filled with pixel-perfect layouts and code snippets that dance like techno beats. As a self-proclaimed tech geek, I’m always on the lookout for emerging trends and advancements, because staying ahead in the digital realm is where the magic happens!

Armed with my trusty sketchbook and a keyboard that’s seen its fair share of late-night coding sessions and a track pad that has thousands of cursor miles I thrive on creating user experiences that make jaws drop and fingers tap with delight. Whether it’s crafting intuitive experiences or sprinkling some UI magic, I believe that technology should empower users and bring joy to their digital adventures.

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But hey, it’s not all serious business – I do take occasional breaks to debate the eternal question of whether Android or iOS reigns supreme!  And while my passion for tech can sometimes resemble an endearing nerd-out, the results are always mind-blowing.

So, if you’re looking for a Product Designer with a blend of creative flair and an insatiable hunger for tech-driven innovation, let’s team up and craft products that will leave users amazed and craving more! Together, we’ll ride the waves of technology to shape a digital world that’s both exciting and user-friendly. Let’s geek out and make it happen!

Portfolio currently unavailable

Portfolio currently updating to showcase latest projects. Some projects not public due to NDA. For a personal presentation please inquire privately. Thank you for your understanding.

Where I’m now.

EdX, 2U of Companies

Product Designer | Experience Lead

2019 – Present

About Company

EdX is one of the leaders in accessible online education, now owned by 2U, they facilitate online learning experiences from the world’s most prestigious Universities and Institutes, from Free Online Courses to Degree Programs including Boot Camps for practical education.

My Role

I am a part of the ‘Product Growth’ team, based in Cape Town, South Africa, where I lead a small group of skilled Product Design and UI/UX specialists. Our team is a part of a larger Product Design team in the United States, serving various areas of the business
  • Involved in numerous projects at 2U/EdX, ranging from Design Systems to large-scale product solutions, contributing to my professional growth as a designer.
  • Actively leading a small team while collaborating effectively with the umbrella team and working independently.
  • Close collaboration with product managers to ensure efficient delivery on expectations and management of internal and external roadmaps.
  • Focused on rapid product testing in 2023, utilizing progressive production split testing techniques.
  • Planning and designing user testing, collaborating closely with UX research and data teams for well-controlled experiments.
  • Engaging in activities like doodling and brainstorming ideas, and using Figma to immerse myself in UI designs to enhance user experience.
  • Analyzing user behavior data from ongoing tests to create detailed analytics reports for decision-making and shaping project direction.
  • Providing valuable insights from transcribing and interpreting data, driving continuous product improvement for larger, long-term projects.

Where I was.

VAVO Consulting

Product Designer

2019 – 2021

During this period, I operated as a product design contractor under my own company, collaborating with diverse companies like Markham, The Archive, Sportscene, Total Sports, Aramex, and Ontier UK. This allowed me to gain valuable experience in project and product management, working effectively with both internal and external teams to ensure successful outcomes. It enhanced my skills in managing various aspects of the product design process and fostering collaborations with multiple stakeholders.

WWC (Wold Wide Creative)

Product Designer

2014 – 2016

At WWC, an innovation agency focused on Africa, I worked on multiple accounts, including iStore, Hyundai, Vodafone, Cliff Central, and Independent Media. My role centered around brand development, mobile and desktop product development, and actively contributing to advertising efforts for effective product promotion and positioning.

Moving Tactics

Interaction Designer

2013 – 2014

At Moving Tactics, I focused on creating digital interactions for digital screen installations across various companies. Notably, I achieved designing and producing South Africa’s first digital drive-thru for KFC and contributed to the development of Wimpy’s waiterless system (currently retired). During my time at Moving Tactics, I collaborated with renowned brands, including Edcon, TFG, Distell, Yum!, and Woolworths.

Let’s chat

For any inquiries or requests, please reach out to me. I’ll get back to you soonest.

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